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Hello from Slovakia (1 Viewer)




i have been writing casually for several years and mostly never got around to actually finish anything i have started. It wasnt until the end of the last year that i've finally kicked myself in the ass and started seriously working on my novel... And i am very very glad i did that... So here i am, hoping to catch a few tips and hints on writing... I guess i cant post my work for critiques, as i am not writing in english, i can still learn on the errors of others though =)


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Hey Veldrin
Let me be the first to welcome you to this forum. I to am working on my novel, I found the secret is to plug away until you are done. Then you can go back and fix it all up.
Good Luck !!!


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welcome veldrin, you can definitely learn from our mistakes. We make enough of them, believe me. Glad to have you.


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Welcome to the forum, Veldrin. I'm not English either, but rest assured that you can learn this language well enough!