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Hello from San Diego (1 Viewer)


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Hey everyone, I'm Mr.Mingo and I'm happy to find an interesting new writing forum for delving into. Little lost at first, naturally, but I'll get the hang of it. I've been on these sorts of forums for some time, but this is my first stroll this one.

I write a lot of poetry and some fiction. Working on a few novel ideas and some nonfiction and...okay I just write a lot. Except for the last couple years. Off and on primarily for competitions because that's all I've had time for. But that time is coming again. I wrap up my Master's in English (with a specialization in Gothic Studies) in December and then I'm off to push through some real writing work. As you can probably tell from the degree work, I like to read as much or more than write. But, I would like to see my own name on the shelves some day.

As a day job, I'm a field service engineer in electron microscopy. I also have extensive military and aerospace engineer experience. These areas and most technical things I know and understand a great deal about. I try to incorporate these experiences in much of what I write. I'm also eager to help anyone out with technical questions and concerns. As you can probably tell so far, I'm a bit of an amalgamation of information from vastly different fields. Feel free to ask for research help. I'm always game for a critical thinking discussion.

Anyways, pleased to meet you all. Hope to give as much as I get or more here. All in good experience and time.