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Hello from New England! (1 Viewer)

Hello! Looks like a great forum...glad to be here. Hoping to find the inspiration I need to get off my hiney and finally WRITE. :tongue:

My goal is just to start small, maybe submit to some local circulars.

Will probably do more forum reading for the time being, then jump in eventually and contribute.

P.S. Using Safari browser, any compatibility problems?

P.P.S. Animals and nature are my passion. Hubby & I have three hairy beasties...my avatar is our young German Shepherd.
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Hi there RB :)

Welcome aboard Writing Forums!! I use Safari 2.0.4 and I have not got any compatibility problems with it. Again, welcome and I'm sure you will enjoy it here.

That's a cute German Shepherd you've got... I always wanted one of them :wink:
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Hi and welcome,

Just a thought. Instead of starting small, why not just jump in to the deep waters?

OooOOooo, what a humorous, lovely bunch of coconuts we have here...AWESOME, love it! I guess I need to add USA to my location. :lol:

I have to say that this is a very welcoming group.

Just a thought. Instead of starting small, why not just jump in to the deep waters?
Maybe after hanging out here for a while, I will have the confidence to do just that!

A Gypsy's Abandon

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Welcome, R.B. Cute GSD you've got. :) We recently inherited (my 14 year old drama queen of a sister vehemently insists we "rescued" her, and I suppose we did) a 10 month old female GSD that had been kept tied out. I'm a little North of you in NE (in NB, Can), so you can imagine what the turning winter was like for this poor girl that is a couple dozen pounds underweight.

She's an interesting girl, that's for sure. We have had danes, aussies and dobes, and shelties over the years, and this is our first GSD. She's definitely a different barrel of monkeys to train, but we like her, she's sweet as pie - though we definitely don't need 6 dogs, even if we DO have 100 acres for them to frolic on!
Thanks, I must admit, she is such a cutie-patootie (she's lucky)! She is an interesting girlie, too, like yours. Much different from her brother and sister (Golden Retrievers). Yeeeee-doggy she keeps us on our toes, what an energetic and busy dog...Turbo Shep! I think jet engines run on GSD fuel. She is imported from Germany and comes from show and working lines. She has a very high drive and therefore "drives" us crazy, LOL. A lot of work on our part to keep her healthy and balanced...physically fit and mentally challenged. Exercise isn't enough...needs to include mental stimulation at the same time, as she gets bored quickly. And, we paid good money for this torture! :lol:

So sorry to hear about your GSD's hard times...makes me very sad. But it makes my heart happy to know she is loved and cared for now. Congrats to you for taking her in and sharing your home and life with her. Do you have any pics you'd be willing to post/share?