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Hello from natural living writer! (1 Viewer)



Hello everyone...
I was thrilled to find this great forum! I've been having a tough time finding a forum that meets all my needs and is active where I can network and I'm hoping I've found it here. I'm a very serious expressive passionate writer and I eagerly need to network, connect with other writers, especially those who write in a similar style and genre. I'd also love to have a mentor and I'd love to meet new writer friends. I'm 37 and I'd like to meet writers who are mature and health-conscious. Is it okay to network here and ask for advice? Thank you for providing this forum. I look forward to meeting new people here.



Fine, I'll bite.

Why health-conscious?

Hi and thank you for the warm welcome. I specifically mentioned "health-conscious" because I am very health-conscious and my writing reflects my health choices and has that primary focus. It's also that a natural living or health aware writer would be able to relate to and understand my style of writing, but I'm receptive and interested in talking and networking with other types of writers as well. I'm sure many writers will appreciate and understand my style of writing. I'm open and receptive. Thank you for asking. I hope that answers your question. :)


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Well, I eat meat quite frequently and never exercise and I gave up eating Lays because they switched to sunflower oil and I preferred the trans fats. I don't smoke though, so I think we really do have quite a lot in common!