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Hello from France ! (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone !
I'm Soma and i'm 20yo, I'm very interested in music and philosphy and one of my goal would be to write text and sing them on my compositions
I already know how to compose since it's been 2-3 years that I am at it (and still learning, it's a very long road :) ) but I've just gotten into writing !
So i'm here to share my little works and also read your poems and try to give my beginner opinion
I also would love to structure more my poems and have actual knowledge because for now i'm just going in blind and just writing haha

Have a good one folks


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Welcome to WF! :grin:

Please tell me you brought some culture to sprinkle liberally over this lot!

Just kidding, there's lots of culture here...

(you did bring some though, right??) :icon_cheesygrin:


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Bienvenue Soma. Je suis un chien petit aujourd'hui mais dans ma vie vrai j'adore les plages de Francais et les gens aussi, d'accord, hew.

Crooked Bird

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Ravie de voir une française arriver ici au même moment que moi, je suis américaine mais j'ai grandi en France surtout près de St. Étienne. Bienvenue, quoique j'suis nouvelle ici aussi. Looking forward to reading your work!