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Hello from Coastal Georgia (1 Viewer)

Hello All! I currently live in Coastal Georgia where I write on a part time basis, for my own enjoyment.

I recently finished my 2nd novel. It is about a young girl living in Vienna, Austria in 1900. During this time, Vienna was the center of the art and architecture world, not to mention the birthplace of psychoanalysis. Dr. Freud worked with one of his most famous patients, whom he called Dora during this time. A little research confirms that Dora is in fact Ida Bauer, the sister of famed socialist Otto Bauer. Ida lives in Vienna and rubs elbows with many of the elite of the time including: Gustav Klimt, Otto Weininger, Vladimir Lenin, and many others.

Love & Transference in Vienna is a fictionalized account of Ida Bauer during the few months she worked with Dr. Freud. She deals with the changes within her family, the historical changes in Vienna at the time (including the Secessionist art movement), and the betrayal she feels she received at the hands of her best friend. As the story begins, Ida threatened suicide and was thus made to work with Dr. Freud to deal with her "neurosis." During this difficult time, Ida meets and falls in love with a young student from the Universitat of Vienna.

I have begun researching and outlining my next novel, a juvenile work about twins who discover a link between a local "dead town" and the infamous pirate Blackbeard. The current working title is: Summer in Sunbury: The Mystery of Blackbeard's Treasure.

I hope to post excepts soon and look forward to reading about everyone's work here.


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If you get up to the Milan, McRae, Eastman area be sure to tune in Country 105 in Rochele and say 'hello' to everyone around there.

Looking forward to seeing excerpts from your Blackbeard novel.


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Welcome tommyauthor! I too look forward to reading some excerpts from your novel. :)