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Hello from Alaska (1 Viewer)


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Hello Everyone,
Sorry I'm a little late in posting this...I'm awkward with introductions in person as well. :)

I'm actually becoming active on WF again after about five years of inactivity. Some life happened (Mostly learning how to balance being a parent, teacher, and writer), and I just got back to my main writing project last summer (Yes, my kid is five - it took me five years to 'find balance'). This spring I felt that need to find a community of writers again. Just as before, this forum does not disappoint.

As a grade school teacher, I get to write stories, essays and speeches (aimed at 10-12 year olds) on a regular basis as well as teach kids how to workshop their writing with each other. It's a lot of fun, and I'm always growing as a writer. That said, I'm excited to be working on a piece aimed for adults again. This particular story has been rattling around in my head for a long time, and I'm looking forward to being able to share it with others.

I'm excited to be back! Thanks for the warm welcome from so many already!


Not you again!!!



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Welcome back! Life is a series of distractions, it seems. Having a child is a huge one. Congratulations on that and good to see you here again.


...I just got back to my main writing project last summer (Yes, my kid is five - it took me five years to 'find balance').
No judgement here! I have walked that road as well. Nice to have you back with us. :)
Wow, if you've found balance after only five years, you're doing very well. I didn't find that balance until all of mine had left home and I'm still wondering whether I measure up as a grandparent.

Welcome back, hope to read some of your stuff soon.


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Ajoy -- yes, welcome back to the Asylum. I too admire your discovery of balance. I've quite given up that quest, having concluded that I am Perfectly Balanced, so either I become a hermit, a living style that would guarantee my realization of Balance every day, or I continue trying to function with all my totally fucked-up and grossly imbalanced friends, family, and fellow poets. I have (sigh. back of hand on forehead) opted for that last option. My largesse amazes me . . . . .:icon_cheesygrin: