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Hello to all. I just discovered your site. I am a member of several other writing communities and I look forward to this site too. I have received good feedback, critiques and encouragement from the other sites and I am sure this one will be good too. I'm a retired business woman who is writing full time. I have self published one children's book, The Bigwigs and the Smallbergers, but my real interest is in poetry and short stories. I have a goal of putting together a collection and having it published by the end of 2008. I know that having writers like you look at my work will help me make my work better so that when I release it into the "knowosphere" it will be worthy of the readers. Thanks in advance for the support. Perhaps I can help you in return. I don't claim to be expert in anything except loving life. I do have a Masters in English literature, but grammar is not my strong suite. So I'd be much more help in giving you feedback on content and style than on technical aspects of your work. Perhaps we can all help each other to put out ideas that will change the world. Well, we can dream can't we? If I understand the process correctly, I can submit a work now so I'll start with one of my poems.


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Hi there and let me be the first to welcome you to the form, Patricia. There's an unspoken rule here; critique and the favour will be returned. I hope that you will have heaps of fun on the forums :)

~ Shinn


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Though I also "specialize" in poetry, I enjoy writing non-fiction as well. (Short stories also, but I was recently diagnosed with Scattered Idea Syndrome, or some similar thing.)

Welcome -- I'm looking forward to seeing your work.



Hello and welcome to the community, PatriciaDianne. Yes, we can definitely dream. Enjoy!