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Red Evans, author On Ice

Hello from Red Evans author On Ice:

I'm somewhat new to this blogging business and to be frank, the first site I've chosen to be a part of is the Writer's forum. I would love to avoid admitting it, but it's my hope my parfticiaption will increase the interest in my first published novel, entitled On Ice which is now in book stores nationwide.
On Ice is a fun story with no great moral goal, or truth to reveal. a few catch phrases apply to it, such as, coming of age, redemtion, forgiveness and so forth. However, the story is humorous. Dare I say, homespun folklore humor?

briefly, it's the story of a boy 12, going on thirty, painfully naive while at the same time wise as a tibetan monk. He and a man who he hopes will become a father figure in his life take the corpse of their dearly departed friend from West Virginia to Louisiana to be buried beside his long lost love. The corpse is kept fresh in an inflatable kiddy pool full of convenience store ice cubes. The boy and his friend are accompanied by a dog named Whistler, a name based upon the dog's affliction ... of flatulence.

I The story is funny and i shamelessly laughed at my own stuff, but there is sadness too. the boy, Eldy Brewer never cried over the loss of this father and when he finally does during their road trip, tears will come to the reader's eyes. They did mine, and I was writing On Ice.

I'll stop here for now but look for me again. I'll try to add something to the writers forum for all.

Red Evans
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A hardy welcome to a published writer!

Glad to hear you have a book on the market. Who is your publisher? Did you do it through an agent? Now it's time to promote, promote, promote. Wishing you the best.