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Hello from 3 AM (1 Viewer)


Hello. It's three in the morning. You should be asleep if you are in this zone. If not, Good morning, good afternoon and/or good night.

You most likely have an avatar of a character from your favorite anime or video game...much like most every member of every forum on the internet. To you I say: If you are not thirteen, take a picture of something that you see in your everyday life, something that actually touches you...and post it. This is not a challenge, but you should do it, it will make you feel good.

Also I am drunk. It's three AM, I don't have to go to my soul crushing place of work tomorrow and the wife's asleep.

The beer was threatening to go skunky.

I apologize for my belligerence. I don't fault anyone for their avatar, it's difficult to sum up ideals/feelings of coolness in one Jpeg. Mine is a picture of a honeysuckle for f#*ks sake.

This is not a good way to introduce myself, I will continue to post after I have sobered up and am feeling more friendly. Really, I'm a nice person.

Hey, here's a fun little side game for those obsessed with punctuation and syntax: Find the errors!!! Also, for those obsessed with punctuation and syntax - you probably will not want to read any other item I post. I post draft and do not correct. For everyone else, I promise to be at the very least entertaining.