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I am a novice writer, although I am almost 60 years old.

I like writing that is serious and accessible. Cormac McCarthy, Thornton Wilder, Walter Moseley, Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, Dostoevsky,
Ray Bradbury, Somerset Maugham, are among the writers I enjoy.

I think that good stories have memorable characters and a plot in which events develop in a way that seems natural, uncontrived.

For me, the hardest thing is to discipline myself to write every single day, even when I feel "dry" and nothing flows.

I look forward to the exchange of ideas in these forums.



Hello, and welcome to the forums!

I try to do the same thing. I've often heard people say to only write when 'the inspiration to write' comes, but I've found that when I force myself to write, the same quality comes out.

Crimson Threnody

Senior Member
Ah, the classics. Welcome to WF.com!

The fun part about writing when 'dry and uninspired' is later going back to edit those same pieces when 'inspired'. It is amazing what can be made of pieces you had no hope for. :)


Hello and welcome to the community, Alvah. I look forward to reading your work. Enjoy!