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Hello fellow writers (1 Viewer)


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I'm Courtney, or Court-dawg, or Clairissa, or Risa, or Anrui, or anything else you can think of.

I've been writing since I could read...not very good I might add. Right about now, I try to read about 3 hours a day, most of the time it ends up being 6 though.

I'll read anything if it catches my interest, but I write fiction.

I love to read (duh) write (double duh), play my guitar, whoes name is Kismet, climb trees, ride my bike, and talk on myspace.

I'm deeper than most.

OMG I forgot...i don't know how...I'm a Christian and proud of it!

My fav authors are C.S. Lewis, Bill Meyers, and...sigh...if i wrote everything, you'd be reading for hous...sigh....

Well, thanks for putting up with this,

Risa out!

(i refer to myself as Risa [short for Clairissa] more than i do my own name!:p)​


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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Risa! :) *waves*

I hope you enjoy being here, and find the help you need for your writing. And there is a rule; critique and someone will return the favour.

~ Shinn


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Hi, Courtney, or Court-dawg, or Clairissa, or Risa, or Anrui.
So pleased to see you here in the forum.
I too am a Christian and proud of it.
Hope to see some of your writing very soon.