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My name is Craig as you can probably guess :)
Im here because i love writing,

My Main hobbies are

Writing Fantasy storys.
Reading fantasy and other books.
PLaying and designing Games.

I hope to become a positive member in the community as you all seem like great people. Saying high for the first time



Good to be here terrib.

I will start with something light to begin with

Mabye with something im not fully acustomed too , ill try something that im not good at and try to improve on that area mabye samurai.
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fantasy? designing/playing video games? sounds awesome.

welcome. have fun, can't wait to read your stuff.



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Hi and welcome to Writing Forums, Craig :)

What kind of video games do you design? I'm thinking of getting into that, or designing software when I leave high school next year.

Video games = LIFE

~ Shinn


Hey Craig,

Awesome, I am working on my first fantasy fantasy novel. I would love to have a discussion with you as to which kind of fantasy you like to write, read and play. Basically I have 2 catagories "male" fantasy or "female" fantasy. But we can talk about that later.

Anyways welcome and enjoy! We're all here to support each other.


p.s. Do you know dungeons and dragons? The first time I ever played I had just seen Lord Of The Rings and wanted to be an elf who sat on a tavern rooftop all day. (Didn't go well, started a whole war over who wanted to blast me out of the roof and who wanted to defend me. It was actually quite fun!)