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I chose to use this forum to practice writing clearly to others and the inverse for my audience. I value the feedback of my audience. I'm strifing to be a clear communicator and someday I hope to secure a desent job using my communication skills. Right now my skill level could be described as beginning writer with some knowledge of grammar, with bad punctuation, and with bad sentence structure. If you know of simple interactive websites that have good skill building tools, or if you just want to practice analyzing sentences let me know. I chose style_seeker simply because I'm a style_seeker.

To inifinty and beyond.
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Welcome to the writing forums style seeker, i hope you enjoy your stay and improve in your work. I am also a beginner writer (havent written anything yet actually) but i also hope to improve based on the feedback of the forums :thumbl:


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Hello and Welcome Style Seeker,
I am new here too. Posted one poem "Mariah" but I don't think anybody has looked at it yet.
Your question about a website?
Here is a new one devoted to writers and web builders:
My Scribe Web

Enjoy your stay.