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Hi everyone. The site suggested I post a little something about myself in this forum so I', taking its advice. I actually sound this site on accident, but I'm glad did because it looks like a really fun place. As a young writter I have had trouble with sticking to my works, mostly due to the fact that I'm shy to anyone I know on a personal level reading or reviewing my work. I'm hoping that I can use the anonimity of the internet to get real criticism from other writters and possibly meet a few chums. I hope that I'll get to know some of you better and gain some new insight to mine and other's writing. :)

mi is happy

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Hey there! Have fun on here and if you need help or anything then just talk to me! :) I'm glad your on because more members, the marrier! :)


Thank you for the offer. This place seems like it should be plenty of fun so it sould be pretty easy to have some of my own.

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