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Hello everyone (1 Viewer)



I would like to introduce myself. I would like to be referred to as Budha3, and I live in New Orleans La. I have written two Katrina books: ("Sky Dog: Lessons From Katrina" and "Louisiana's Katrina Recovery Fiasco: Who's Really Getting the Money?) I have also written seven other books under my company's name: Parallel View Publishing; the latest being "Dollar Cost Self Publishing For Authors: How to Take control of Your Publishing Destiny" I love written and fishing, and I'm married, and we have nine children.


Welcome, Budha3!

Sounds like you have some experience(s) and a lot to contribute. Very nice to have you here (at least when you're not playing hooky to go fishing).

Nine kids, great! I have no idea how you get writing time but you obviously have managed it.