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Hello everyone! (1 Viewer)



First of all, I want to thank-you for welcoming me to your group. I am very honored to be in the mist of such wonderful people. I go by the name of 'Maniamonster'. I know it sounds strange to some, but that's what it is. I am a hobby writer. My work and topics are not usually of general interest and do not fit into mainstream publishing. There is no market for the kind of work I do.
I have self published two books, one being a crime/drama and the other was a memoir of my life. My goal is to become noticed in the literary world as an author on a mission. Writing is not my primary interest as it is helping people who suffer from mental illness and addiction. This is my charity of choice.
Although writing, marketing and publicity takes up most of my time, I do make time for helping other people. Marketing and publicity is two of my weaker points. I was hoping that some of you have inexpensive ideas of how to execute these plans.
I am middle aged and have been married for over 25 years to a wonderful woman. We never had children, but we do enjoy our dog and cat very much. Writing is a passion of mine even though due to certain circumstances, I have a lot to learn about the craft.
I look forward to chatting to you and make new friends and perhaps learn a few things from my peers. Thank-you again for this wonderful opprotunity to be part of this incredible group of talent. Hope to hear from you soon.:lol: