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Hello Everyone (1 Viewer)

Paul Benton

Senior Member
Hello everyone. Ron Pete who is on the Forum told me about this place and it sounded fine to me. So now I have been slowly getting into figuring out how to post up poems on here for people to see and comment on if they want to. I have found in the last 40 or so years that poetry is basically the most important part of my life. Reading it and writing it. I am not a teacher. All that kind of stuff has pretty much faded away. Let me mention four poets I very much admire: Larry Levis, Robinson Jeffers, Charles Baudelaire, and Hart Crane - just to name a few. Anyway, now I will figure out how to put out a poem for you all. That will no doubt take a few more minutes, or a few more days. Who knows? But at least I got to tell about my life a little bit. Thanks very much. Paul Benton


Hi Paul! I'm pretty sure there's something about needing 10 posts before you're able to access the Workshop areas of the forum, but there are plenty of other places to dip your toes in first to get to that number 10. Welcome!