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hello everyone! (Im new yayyy) (1 Viewer)



Hey I'm new, so I'm just kinda feeling everything out.:afro: I found this website on Google while searching writers block (lol). ~~~Anyway~~~ I'm the kind of writer, that instead of sitting down and writing 13 pages, writes a paragraph or two when a idea pops into my head, then go out for pizza and a movie, take my dog for a walk, reads a book, and then writes another paragraph. I Don't like basing my stories on experience. I could be waiting on a line at the post office, and 'PING!' suddenly I have idea about what my main characters magic power will be.
Anyway, I would really like to start sharing my stories, and get some good opinions. \\:D/


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Hello there and welcome to the forum, Midnight! You'll enjoy being here! :)

Hope to be seeing some of your work soon.