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Hello, everybody! (1 Viewer)



Hi! I stumbled upon this forum the other day and thought I'd join.

I've only recently started writing in my spare time, though I've been a lover of books since I can remember. I particularly enjoy Victorian literature, but I'll give most things a try. I've also begun to read poetry, which I used to avoid.

So far, I've completed two short stories which I may post on this forum soon, and written about 17,000 words of my first novel. I've tried my hand at poetry, composing a few short verses, but none of them seem any good to me -- perhaps I'll get some help here. :)

What kind of frustrates me is the fact that none of my friends share my interest in literature and writing; even the other students in my A-level English Literature class read only the prescribed texts, and usually reluctantly. And on top of that, I'm the only person in my family who even reads books -- well, my mum does, but her literary tastes are rather low-brow (God, I hope I'm not sounding pompous!). My dad has probably read only a dozen books in his lifetime. As you can see, I've nobody to discuss my interest with; but hopefully -- this being a writing forum, an' all -- I'll find plenty of people here.

I look forward to becoming a part of your community. :thumbr: