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I'm eighteen and have been writing for the last four years--the same book. ](*,) I really do enjoy it though. Plus, it's changed three times so it's always fun.

I'm a Christian and my faith is important to me; it's even the reason I write. My dad was diagnosed with cancer yesterday and we have anywhere from four months to two years with him, depending on the treatment. I want my book to be at a readable stage before I lose my chance to share a big part of my life with someone so close to me.

One of the reasons I joined is because I couldn't find what I needed about flash-forward on the Internet, and was hoping someone here might be able to help. I posted in Tips and Advice (I think.) Also, I've really desired to be a part of a group of writers for a long while and the seemingly safe, clean, and helpful air about this community is great. I only hope I'll be able to help out more than be helped out.



Hello and welcome to the community, Keningstonia. It's great to have you here. Enjoy!