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Hello, an honor to be here... XD (1 Viewer)


Almack Underling

hahaha, yeah, my name is Almack Underling, that's not my real "real" name coz i'm shy to tell everyone who i really am... mainly bcoz i'll be placing my works here and i don't wanna embarass myself 4 some of my crappy stories...i'm often at l.a.~c.a. but for now i'm here in the philippines...in my visit in this country,i found out many wonderful things that can serve as my "inspiration" or guide in writing my first novel...yeah, i'll gonna start my 1st novel, and i want it to be a unique one...i've watched a movie here in the phil. about a suspense-mystery about a killer who wantd to be traced by the law to be punished because of the brutal murder of a young lady...at the end, i was shocked to know who the real killer is...and now, i came up with a plot and i started developing my characters for my first novel...it'll be under drama genre but more on suspense and horror...hahah,just wait until i'm ready to publish here the 1st chapter of my very 1st novel...pls. support me and it's so nice to be in this community... Take Care. =)
Let me welcome you, though I'm reletivly new myself. I'm Grace, if you would like to talk, PM me whenever, and I'm sure your stories arn't crappy!


Oops. My apologies for missing your post.

Hello and welcome to the community, Almack Underling. Enjoy.