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hello, amature hour hear. (1 Viewer)



i am greatly looking forward to the knowledge and aid that i feel i will get from this site.
i have had a fascination with writing for a lot of years now. i have successfully completed a few prose and a few poems (although none of which i have tried to get published.) more recently i have started and stopped writing two different novels. probably due to the fact that i am a procrastinator by nature and partly because i am not highly articulate and my knowledge of punctuation leaves a lot to be desired (which you can probably see for yourself by now) and i inevitably become overwhelmed.
after quite some time of procrastination i am reestablishing my desire to write and have decided to join this site for advice and maybe some motivation to keep on going.
i have a few questions to start out with and i wonder where the best place to post them would be. where should i post questions about point of view narrators and just basic writing style does and donts.
thank you for your time and ,in advance, thank you for answers to my question and any advice that you might have for me.


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Welcome to the forums. You should definitely work on your spelling and grammar before you try writing anything. For starters, get Firefox if you don't already have it. If you do already have it, start using the spell check feature; it will keep you from spelling "amateur" incorrectly. Nonetheless, you'll need more than spell check to learn the difference between "hear" and "here."


thanks for the advice, guess you didn't find the intentional misspelling in the title nearly as humorous i did.


Hello and welcome to the community, tru. I see you've already found Tips & Advice. Great! Enjoy.