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Hello, allow me to introduce myself... (1 Viewer)


...I'm a man of wealth and taste...just kidding. I'm not even a man, that just popped into my head as I was writing that so I thought I would share. We all know that's guns and roses. Anyway. I decided to join this because I'm working on self publishing and have been playing with the idea for a while. Long story short, I started writing as a hobby around the age of 8 and I am now in my early to mid 30's. I have a lot going in life just like many people do but I think I have finally decided to bite that bullet and put my stories out there in some official capacity.

I write realistic/crime fiction. Mostly just this one story I've been working with on and off since I was 15. It's extremely dark for different reasons but I figured if it can bring awareness to different issues that are being faced by people everyday it might be worth it to put it out there no matter how controversial the approach I take may or may not be. There are explicit/graphic scenes throughout my books (which I will NOT be sharing here of course) and I feel like that might make finding an audience difficult if not for the fact I already have an audience of some kind. I originally started publishing my books on a fanfiction website under the "original works" category and do have a lot of hits that grow by a few hundred every few days so I figured it was time to take things and make them semi-official. So I'm going to self publish on Amazon at some point in the next year and figured this would be a good place to discuss the process.


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nice to meet another e.fox...

sounds like you have a good grasp on where you're going, good luck! look forward to hearing about your journey :)