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Hello All: (1 Viewer)



I'm the new guy.

I am a husband, father, chiropractor, and photographer.

And, I'm plagued by this infernal YA novel that has been swimming around my brain for several years now. The more I try and trample it down, (quickly covering it with whatever detritus is handy, namely half forgotten grocery lists, lyrics of bad songs from the 1990s and other such crap,) it instead rears its ugly head with ever renewed vigor. ](*,)

Clearly the only way to slay this precocious interloper is to bleed it down on paper.

Accordingly, here I am to begrudgingly absorb as much as is allowable regarding this wonderfully tedious craft, and in the process hopefully garner a little peace and quiet for my poor harried neurons!

Looking forward to meeting a great many of you!:p


Hello and welcome to the forums, mountainlander. Great to have you here (misery loves company and all that ;)). Enjoy!