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Hi, I'm Snefru7, and I'm a 15 year old avid writer. I stumbled across this site while "Googling" for fantasy clichés, since I wanted to avoid them in my preferred genre of fantasy.

Aside from writing, my other main interest is Ancient Egypt, and I hope to study its history professionally some day. :pharoh:

I'm Cymraeg (Welsh), fluent in the Welsh language and I'm proud.


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Welcome to the forum, Snefru! If you are interested in Ancient Egypt, have you read the books of Paul Doherty? He has at least two series going about Ancient Egyt.



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I love the welsh. god, Cymraeg...
you sound partly attractive.
Though, not much for your "oriented" genre.


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i see you own a PS3... lucky lad! my writing with suffer when i can afford one. i pray that poverty and homelessness save me (damn the pound!)