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Hello All. New Lyric writer from Michigan. (1 Viewer)



Hello everyone.

I have been searching and searching for a good wayto get some feedback on several lyrics I have written. Recently I have had this incredible feeling inside to get back to writing lyrics, which I have taken a break from for several years.

I have been around music my whole life. I have played in bands,(but really not much of a musician) I have done photography for major groups like Mark Farner of Grand Funk as well as Kid Rock as well as new and up coming groups. I have managed a few local rock bands. But I hav never put my finger on what really moves me. I have tried the working from 9-5 and it all just seems to come back to this feeling of, writing music and get to the city. Which for me would be Detoit. So now I am going to put forth a full effort to see if this is my calling. I am very uncomfortable with putting my work into these forums, because I simply do not know enough about protecting the lyrics. BUT... I really need some shape of critisicm on the lyrics. Still very unsure if this is the way to do it???

My outlook is to find some local musicians to help with the music for the lyrics. At the present time I am looking into sampler / synth machines to create the music. My influence for my style of music is a rock / rap genere. Kid Rock, Shootyz Groove, Limp Biscuit, Lincoln Park etc.

Anyways if anyone has any encouraging input please feel free.

Thank you for your time.

Brian Carr

Jay Kay

welcome brian ... post your lyrics dude and i'm sure you'll get the best feedback ever ... as for copyright ... better ask the moderators about that aspect ...


Hi and welcome to the forum. Dates are included when posting and that in itself proves copyright if anyone tries to rip your work. There are some good people here, enjoy.


Hello from Switzerland

Hello everyone,

I am Héloïse from Switzerland and new on this forum. I published already my
first book and hope to find publishers for my others writings. I write fiction
and cookbooks.
I am happy to discover this forum because I like to share my thoughts with
other people. It's too good to help each other and to exchange our
experience. Being Swiss please, be indulgent with my English. By respect for
you I will try to do the best.
Warm regards
i understand what you mean about being wary of theifs on song writing forums, when i signed up to my first songwritting forum my first post was only half of one of my songs then when i explained why i didnt put the whole thing up i was insulted and ridaculed by one of the moderators of the forum (dont worry it wasnt this forum) and when i stood up for myself ofcourse people sided with the moderator (sucking up). but one way to help with copyright protection is to print/write out a copy of your song and mail/e-mail it to yourself so a date will be put on it (leave it unopen) and if anyone steals the song you will have prof that you wrote it and the date you wrote it