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I posted an intro the other day,but apparently it didn't "take". So will try again. I've been writing for years (I'm 69) and have published twice,not counting numerous letters to the editor and things like that.
I've been driving a school bus for 30 years (and I'm still sane,for the most part). I LOVE to read,LOVE to write,am fairly fluent in American Sign Language,enjoy music,singing,kayaking,knitting,and this past summer took up biking. Also LOVELOVELOVE all sorts of animals. Have several dogs and one cat. Would have tons more if I could! Have 3 kids,several grandkids that are all sorts of fun(most of the time). Nice to meet y'all........:smile:


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Welcome to the site, your going to learn that this site is very constructive and helpful. So I hope you enjoy your time here


Hi all....I was asked what genres I write.....I prefer children's stories...little children. Picture books up to maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. Also Christian writing..
Sunday school stories,etc.
All the writing books I've studied tell you about writing leads that grab,etc. but my biggest problem is that I get something started and can't figure out how to END it. Anyone else have this problem?? Any suggestions? Thanks!