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Hellboy (1 Viewer)


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((I don't know if there was already another thread, so I guess I'll put it anyways))

I read two books the other day titled "Hellboy : Weird Tales pts 1 & 2." I'll have to say it was enjoyable. I'm not exactly the biggest comic reader in the world or anything, but if I do pick something like that up it's usually pretty good.


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Hellboy was invented by Mike Mignola. He writes most of the comics, but some other people have used the hellboy universe (I don't think any of them did as good of a job). He writes and does the art (both of which are sweet).


I own most of the short storylines.

They're my most treasured comics.


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Only comics I'll buy now. The movie was okay, they're going with sequel and two animated short films.