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Heeeere we go... (1 Viewer)

Hi all, my name is Cody, and I'm a student in southern California.

I've been writing since I was around six, if you can call that writing. Basically I would create very poor drawings and then base some kind of scene around them. Not exactly literature, but it was something I enjoyed doing and have continued to work at all this time.

I make no assumptions as to having talent, or lack thereof, though I feel there will always be room for improvement. I simply know that writing has always been my true passion, and I am looking forward to feedback from others who hold the art as dear as I do.

Peace, Love, and Words. \\:D/
Very glad to be here! I was referred to the forum by I Have It, and already I like the "supportive and honest" vibe I'm getting. Many thanks for the welcome :)


Hello and welcome to the community, Cody. Great to have you here. A big cookie goes to I Have It for recommending us. Enjoy!