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Heat In More Ways Than One (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
An old one from 2008

Posed to perfection,
legs sprawled,
armpits exposed,
a glass of ice and Lipton’s
pressed to my breast and face,
the fan oscillates
in, around and on me,
cooling all of my hot places.

I wished for God
to feel
this furnace he created
and glisten
a string of sweat beads
across his upper lip.
creeped out and contrite,
I took it back in fright,
with a “dear Lord, I didn’t mean it.”

A commotion outside
saved my sorry soul
with beckoning shrieks
and gurgled grunts,
Ouch, my feet,
Pull. Pull harder.
Mama, come here quick.

“What’s going on out there?”

“Pudgy’s gone flat,’ Penny howls,
“and Pepper’s pumping Pudgy up!
Now they’re stuck.”

I peek outside the window,
then run into the yard.
Two hopping, screaming kids
out on the steaming road,
Penny pulling Pepper,
Polly pulling Pudgy.
Their feet frying like catfish
in a hot cast iron skillet.

The girls haul them to the lawn.
Vicissitudes do not phase.
For blithely in the fray… Pepper pumps.

“She’s getting too much air. She’ll pop.”
Penny and Polly start to cry.

Mr. Quinn runs out
dragging the garden hose.
“This is a disgrace,” he grouches.
“Pudgy’s in heat AGAIN.
My poor Pep. Poor damn pup.
Never stands a chance.”

Water turned full force,
he squirts the dogs
Their deed undone,
Pudgy yawns
and Polly
wants to punish Pepper.

“You’re not a pump,” she says.

Mr. Quinn lights a cigarette
and glares at us while petting Pep.

“May we play in the water, Mr. Quinn,
since everything’s okay?
Please Mr. Quinn. It’s so hot today.”

“Just make it snappy, girls. Play awhile,
then go away”
He adjusts the hose to a perfect spray.

Back inside,
my ice is melting
from the blowing fan.
I remember my ungodly wish.

“I’m really sorry,” I moan again.

Offering a most pious smile,
I bow my head and I pray.

“Dear Lord, did I ever thank you for
such a beautiful, scalding day?”