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Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad. (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I am currently studying this book in my literature class. (I'm in my final year of school so we have a big assessment on the text).
I am REALLY struggling with it.
I have read the frist 50 pages alone, stuggle to keep concentration, and don't really understand it. We go over every page in class but I am still really struggling with it. I don't understand a lot of the history we are talking about and terminology. Our assessment on the novel is on 'views and values'...but I don't get it!
I baught the study guide and just find myself so lost with it.
Has anyone read it? Can anyone help me out? DESPERATELY!!

My assessment is on the 3rd of April.



Senior Member
My AP English class just finished covering Heart of Darkness...as my english teacher has said several times, "It's a very dense text..." Hence the discussing every single page in class. I might be able to help you out with understanding it...what exactly do you need help with? The plot, the themes, the point of view?


Senior Member
Sparknotes have some great notes and discussion on it. For some reason, I've studied it three times already. Try the search function too, because I remember there being a HOD thread on WF awhile back. Let us know what your topic is or what exactly you need help with.