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Have You Ever Made A Word Up? (1 Viewer)

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There's a word I often return to that I made up a long time ago. I know for certain it's not in any dictionary but think it should be!


Shlop is the sound of an unbroken body of water hitting an immovable object without breaking upon it. I first coined it for the oily, water often turning about the wooden supports of a wharf.


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Actually I did make up a word: znreč. It's pronounced "znurch" but I don't know what it means. It might be a place name or an East European swear word.


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It's in the urban dictionary:

"When a person takes a bite of food and then takes a drink of fluids to help mush it up into a 'shlop' before swallowing.

John takes a bite of his burger and then
stuffs a couple of chips in his mouth and then drinks his coke. With it all in his mouth he resumes chewing then swollows.

comments "like a bit of Shlop do we?"


You have made history!

That's a horrible version. How DARE they!!!

Phil Istine

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I coined the word "bardicide" during NaPoWriMo several years back. I intentionally left the meaning open but referred to "death by bardicide".


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Jahootsie. Ah Souli for thingamajig. "Can you hand me the jahootsie for removing this doohickey?"

Busticated. The stated of being busted. "Here's why the blinkers don't work. The doohickey is busticated."

Rusticated. The state of being rusted. "That doohickey is rusticated."

Kranged. When something has been bent, buckled or distorted until it is disfunctional, no longer fits or becomes difficult to remove. "Your oil pan leaks because it got kranged on that last rock. Told you this trail would be rough on your Toyota."

Slickery. Something that's slick, sticky, slimey, difficult to hold and impossible to clean. "Ugh. It's always a mess wiping Junior's nose. His boogers are always slickery."

Jerkmiller. Someone who is such a jerk, they have a job at the jerk mill cranking out jerkitude. "Jerkmiller!"

Knucklebutt. Someone who would have been a knucklehead, except their brain retired and moved south. "You knucklebutt!"

Dingus MacGee. A knucklebutt who buys shares in a jerk mill. "Only Dingus MacGee would buy shares in a jerk mill!"

Jerkus at the Circus. Circular jerk in top hat and clown shoes, serving up three rings of dog and pony jerkitude with a brass band accompaniment. "I went to the Mayor's re-election rally last night- typical Jerkus at the Circus." (Plural- Jerkusses at the Circusses.)

Spaz Miller. Someone who grinds spasms of stupidity into a fine powder and gives out free samples on a street corner. "Look, Ma! A Spaz Miller!"

DingDangit!. When you hit your thumb with a hammer and dangit isn't strong enough. "DingDangit!" (Note: There is some controversy if the second "D" is to be capitalized but experts agree that the exclamation point is required for proper spelling.)

Gonculator. A sophisticated electronic device for making gonculations. "It's a gonculator. It gonculates." (Ok, so I stole this from Hogan's Heroes. What do I know? I know nothing! Nothing!)
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I've made up a lot of words when I'm in the middle of writing because I can't find a real world to say what I mean.

fibonaccied - enclosed in a pattern, esp. a pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence
nullous - having the (spiritual) quality of being null, not mattering, not good
thundersticky - the quality in the air when it's extremely humid but the weather is about to turn to a thunderstorm. happens in Midwest summers a lot
heartviolence - a passion to the point of pain or martyrdom, but with a physical quality to it


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ridonkulous —extra ridiculous, you donkey.
noobinstein— what you call someone you love who does something goofy.
noobinhoond—- what you call your dog when they are doing something goofy.
shat — past tense of shit, but I bet everyone has had to come up with this out of technical necessity.
whelmed—- I’m neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by something.
meh— synonym for whelmed.

Extreme colloquialism— meaning just at our house... I use “cute” as an adverb, predominantly, “You are cute to me” means I think you did something for me that I thought was especially nice and cute. A comment on the action.


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I just looked up “whelmed” and it is an actual word meaning “engulf, submerge or bury”. Example sentence: “The brook whelmed up from its source.” It’s from Old English “Hwelfan” which means to overturn something like a vessel being overturned in water. That makes so much sense! I love stuff like that! Don’t you? It makes sense that overwhelm would be the form we use most from its roots.

Hmm! I also looked up underwhelmed which has really only been in use since the 1950’s and has grown in usage. It’s bell curve looks like it has topped out in 2019. I really really love the word usage graph info.


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Juggernaut Mode- The gravity enhancement system a ten pound house cat engages to run through your house with the weight of a ten ton juggernaut. Juggernaut mode is used to remind humans "You have a cat in your home". Most commonly when the cat has the rips at 2 a.m.

(Stolen from another cat guardian)
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