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Has anyone read.... (1 Viewer)


The Saint

Ok, I'm wondering if anyone has read either of these

Stranger in a strange land

Do Androids Dream of electric sheep

If so, did you like them? Why or why not?

I'm looking to see if they are worth a read.

Mike C

WF Veterans
Both worth a read - why would they not be, they're genre classics.

Stranger in a Strange Land tends to divide opinion; it's very much of it's time, and espouses a lot of what some people refer to as 'hippy-dippy crap', but for my generation it was required reading.


I read them both, years ago. I probably reader Stranger in a Strange Land first in elementary school - snuck it out of Dad's book pile. I liked it then, and understood more of it when I reread it a few years later. It is definitely set in a certain era, but both are good stories, and completely worth reading.