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Has anyone read... (1 Viewer)


Pilgrim by Tinothy Findely


Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver?

I was gifted with both these books and I was curious if anyone would recommend either of them.


Hey valeca,
I've read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, and I would recommend it. I don't think it's her strongest book (which would have to be The Poisonwood Bible) but it's still a good novel in its own right. Have you read other Barbara Kingsolver books?



Hiya Axi,

Good! 'Cause that's the one I've started with! :D So far, I'm really enjoying it.

Nope, this is the first time reading her. I'm liking her style. It's...relaxing, in a way.


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Poisonwood Bible is marvelous.

I think I read Pigs in Heaven, or Bean Trees, or one of those.... I can't remember which.... In any case, Kingsolver is great.


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Fuck, Pilgrim was amazing. One of my favorites, in fact. Some called it slow, but it was so engrossing. Pilgrim is a character that will live forever in your brain, constantly making you guess. Jung is pretty hot shit, too - I'm a big fan of his breed of psychanalysis, so that hit the spot. There's even an appearance by Freud.

Bottom line: I recommend this. Yes, the understatement of the century, and a cliche to boot.



I finished Prodigal Summer...and it was great! A fabu example of character driven plots, and in great characters in general. Superb.
I liked her style so much, I went out and got two more of her works, The Poisonwood Bible (which I had forgotten was the one mentioned here, so YAY!)..and Animal Dreams. :D

I started Pilgram, and have found it interesting, but ...slightly irritating where parts are moving so slowly. I feel like the author has rambled and beaten a point to death....but only at times. And I'm not that far in.

...Off to read! :D


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The only Findley I've read was Spadework, which wasn't bad. I plan on reading The Wars when I need to do it for part of the curriculum.

Ilan Bouchard

starrwriter said:
I hate to be nitpicky, but if you want to be a writer, you should learn not to change nouns into verbs. Gifted is not a legitimate word. It's not even slang or regional dialect.

Bah, you can verb any noun you want.