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Has a book ever freaked you out? (1 Viewer)

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Pamelyn Casto

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I just thought of another one that unsettled me, scared the stuffin' out of me. That book was Albert Camus' The Stranger. It depicts the danger of not playing the appropriate behavior game with a society. Meursalt, the main character, was supposed to act as if the death of his mother caused him grief. But he did not act the way society expected him to act. For that he got to pay the ultimate price.


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I was pretty young when I read this disgustingly brilliant vision of urban hell. Some of the scenes were so graphic I'd drop the book like it was a plate of shit and just stay away from the thing for awhile. I got through it, and realized later that it was well-written and the scenes and characters were, shockingly, being played out in the seedier parts of cities all over the world. Maybe the thought that it was realistic freaked me out more than anything.

Jerzy Koszinski (sp?) THE PAINTED BIRD
Again, I was very young, and this book is almost a celebration of how brutally vicious man can be to man. Post WW II, the hideous things that happen to a young boy wandering thru a destroyed eastern Europe. Horrible.

Zamyatin, WE (1924).
Ghastly dystopian novel--the most brutal and societally debased novel I have ever read. Makes 1984 look like a manual for corporate restructuring and BRAVE NEW WORLD like a kindergarten primer. Interestingly, Huxley claimed to not know of the book at all and Orwell said he didn't use it at all. I don't believe either of them. WE predates both of those famous books. I find few people who have read it. Most people have never heard of it or its Russian author

Shakespeare TITUS ANDRONICUS (certain sections)
A couple of Roman aristocrats rape a woman--then carve out her tongue, gouge out her eyes, and cut off both her hands, so she can never identify them. Disgusting. And, not surprisingly, Will, though young and just finding his wings as a writer, is VERY GOOD in his ghastly descriptions.


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Joseph Heller's Something Happened. It's hard to describe exactly why it affected me the way it did, though.

John C. Denton

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I've heard Lord Of The Flies is pretty gross, but I've never read it.
Indian Horse was tense at times, but it didn't freak me out.
1984 did. Probably because I see it being applied to the real world by real governments.
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