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Harlan Coben anyone? (1 Viewer)



okay, to just say that a short list of certain books are necessary reading is extremely difficult, i've never read a book i didn't like which is usually because i know what i'm looking for. but i will say that everyone should, at some point in their life, read something by Harlan Coben. he is a spectacular writer. he's written about 6 books of a series and i am ashamed to say that i've never read those. they're about a sports agent which is probably why. but i don't doubt they're good. but his masterpieces are the following (and they came out in this order):
Tell No One
Gone For Good
No Second Chance
Just One Look

they are all amazing, there's another stand alone of his out called The Innocent, but i haven't read it yet cuz it's still in hardcover and i don't feel like paying that much for it. but ya, if you want to read some kick ass thriller/mystery stories, read those. there are so many twists that by the end of the book what you thought was the truth seems so far away. just read them.


I just finished The Innocent, that was the first Coben I've ever read. It was an entertaining and fast read but I don't know that I'd pick up anything else by him.


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Ohhhh. My favourite author!! (one of them)
I just adore his work.
I heard him speak in Australia in 2004.
I have read:
-The innocent
-Just one look
-Darkest fear
-Tell no one
-One false move
-No second chance
-gone for good
-The final detail

Wow. thats a lot from one author. I plan to read more, though. :)