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Thanksgiving Day Neon GIF by Tyler Resty

To all our members in the US :)


Thanksgiving Day GIF by evite

Family GIF by Ecard Mint

How are you celebrating today? Family, friends or alone? Turkey or ...


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Spending the day by myself, watching football and eating a hot turkey sandwich with potatoes and dressing. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Doesn't always seem like it, but we all have a lot to be thankful for.


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Boss was nice and gave me the day off, so I'm staying home with family today. Going to have a usual Thanksgiving feast, turkey and the fixings.

Not a huge fan of cooking, but once or twice a year don't hurt.

Enjoy your day everyone.


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I had a brined bird, cranberry relish, scalloped potatoes, mushroom and sourdough stuffing with hot coffee. I only cooked the potatoes, but family came and we had a nice meal and are about to sit down and watch MST3k's Turkey Day special.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.