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Happy halloween (1 Viewer)


Cookies and milk

Anyone is welcome to my cookies.

That's right,I win people over with baked goods.

If you haven't noticed, I like cookies-- but only with the supplement of milk.

I also like writing and reading, even though I find it difficult to read.

Oh, I'm British and I'm damn proud of it.


Senior Member
Hey, Cookies, welcome to the forum. And I'll take a cookie any time. As long as it's gooey chocolate chip. (Crunchy cookies are the pits.)

Oh, I'm American and I'm damn ambivalent about it!


Hello and welcome to the community. So... what kind of cookies are we talking about here? ;)



Senior Member
Hi and welcome to the forum, Cookies and milk. As you can see in Hawke's sig, there is a rule here; critique and the favour will be returned :)

~ Shinn

mi is happy

Senior Member
Cookies make me a happier person! You've already have won me over! Give me a cookie and I'll be your freind for life!