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Happily Ever After (1 Viewer)

Fueled by fury,
Reds and Oranges
Lick at my skin
And the walls around me.

As I fight for air,
Pleading for an escape,
Clawing to live
It all goes dark.

Only for a moment.
Then I see it.
3 pink moles.
A little triangle.
My perfect imperfection.

Just under his eye
His kind, kind eyes.
With their little crinkles.
This right here.
Here is where I’m safe.

I could die happy here.
Knowing I loved you with all that was me.

So as I take my last breathe,
Just know,
I wasn’t in pain.
I was with my love.
I was home again.


Hey y'all! As always thank you so much for reading my poem! This one is lesser put together than the last one but as always comments are more than welcome.

Stay safe and healthy!
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yeah, this does need some work... there is some good bones, but it feels rushed and chaotic...take some time to go over your work, and think about your message, then edit... I think you will be amazed at what you can do ;)