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Hank's Thought of the Day (1 Viewer)


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Hank is the main character (in fact, he's practically the only character) in my NaNoWriMo novel. Given that my story is written in a diary format, I figured it would be worthwhile to post a thought a day from the various musings of Hank.

Here's today's:

"It’s funny in a way. Parents shield their kids from the weight of the world, but what happens when the weight of the world crushes them? Sometimes, the kids get crushed too, but sometimes, the kids manage to find a way to hold their parents up. Like a pillar, holding up the last bits of a crumbling roof. I suppose that sometimes this is just what a parent needs. A moment or two to rest on someone else to pull themselves back together. What I have to wonder is how many parents end up relying on their children to hold them up. I don’t want to be one of those people." - from the entry on March 13.


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From Hank's short story, The Gumshoe:

"Claire shrieked in fear. We were both uninjured. I fired a few quick shots at the door, blindly firing at where I figured the man would be. I was rewarded with a yelp of pain. Quickly, I grabbed Claire from the floor, threw open the window and shoved her onto the fire escape. It’d been ages since I’d had a beautiful woman in my arms, and here I was pushing her out of a window."

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