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Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski (1 Viewer)


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Ah, what to say about Charlie B, poet laureate of skid row?

Ham on Rye is the semi-autobiographical tale of Henry Chinaski, Buk's literary alter ego, as he gets drunk, attacks people, suffers from horrible acne, and gets drunk again. And tries to have sex with people.

The pros:

.Gritty, vulgar, lots of edge
.Charles Bukowski's characters never take any shit
.Sexuality, and lots of it
.Blue collar lives, as seen from the gutter
.Funny, to boot

The cons:

.This may get my alternative reading card revoked, but I think his writing, stylistically, leaves much to be desired. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was sure as hell more than his technique provided.
.The novel kind of, like, just ends.
.Without the grit and grime, seems like just another coming of age story

The Bottom Line:

As I've found with most of Bukowski's writing, the content rings my bell but his writing makes me gag. Two and a half to three stars.


ms. vodka

Dear Droooooooo, aka "assboy", also known as "hottie",

I suggest that you go down to your nearest liquor store and buy a bottle of very cheap booze... what kind, may be decided by your preferences.

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then come back and re-review this...

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love you,

ms. vodka

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ms. vodka

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