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haiku 419 (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
it's another tale
telling these cumulus clouds --
purple over white
(white on violet)

bir başka öykü
kümülüs bulutları --
mor üstü beyaz

ahmet aksoy

I didn't know which one to prefer:
purple over white
white on violet
(in original line, it is "white on violet")


WF Veterans
Hello, ahmet. Did you mean the clouds were telling the tale? Or that the tale was telling the clouds? The second one is how it's framed now.

I like "white on voilet"


Staff member
I was not sure about the choice of colours until I googled pictures of cumulus clouds. Purple on white? It's more purples and shades of grey, no?


Senior Member
Hi Pip,
It is up to you. You paint your own table with your own colors.
I, as a haiku writer, only mention about the situation.
There is no telling.
There are no details in the lines.
All of them are in your unconscious mind, and in your right brain.


Senior Member
Hi AstroAnnie,
I think I lost the answer I wrote to your message. :) And, I don't know how I could do it! :)
I hope I can remember what I had written...
Yes, it is a tale about cumulus clouds.

Is "purple over white" a synonym of "purple on white".
I'm not sure about it. What is the actual difference, if there is?


Creative Area Specialist (Fiction)
WF Veterans
I think I like "white on violet". It starts with a sharp sound and then kind of ripples at the end.:eagerness: