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Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Ben, and I'm a struggling young writer from the city of Sydney, Australia.
My main reason for joining the forums here is to (hopefully [-o< ) regain some inspiration and continue my dream of becoming a published author. As a young buck, I was quite capable of churning out a good short story without much trouble. But over the last four or so years my writing has been slim to none in its quantity, due to life getting in the way (as it so often does).
However my life has somewhat stabilized, so I thought it would be a good time to get back into some writing. I'm a bit rusty, so I thought I'd give a forum a go... It'll be good to get the opinions of other writers, and general chit chat would be great as well, seeing as I currently have very few friends that share my passion.

Hopefully see you all on the forums!

Benny Brix,
The Tall Dude.


WF Veterans
Hi there, Benny! Let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums. Have a nice stay here!


Queen of Dorks

Senior Member
Hi Ben, welcome to the forums. Hopefully the forum will be able to aid your work and help you to your dream, I'l gladly critique anything you post on the forums.


Hey Benny, welcome to the forum.. Keep struggling and never give up..