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Grocery list. (1 Viewer)


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This continues my 'no better than they aught to be' doggerel scribbles. For a couple of years I've done a series on the winter trio of bread, milk and eggs. There's news of another heat wave starting here in the northeast US this Sunday, That was enough to set me off. This one's dedicated to TuesdayEve.

Grocery List

A heat wave’s on the way,
I’ve heard today.
There’s things that we should do
Without delay.

A kitchen hot is not
Something we need.
So here is some advice
That’s good to heed.

Prepare a simple list.
It’s miniscule.
Then scurry to the store
While it’s still cool.

Some cold cuts of your choice
Will be quite nice.
Pick up some cans of beer
To put on ice.

Last, bread or pita or
A pack of wraps
Will seal the deal for good.
That wraps it, chaps.

Regards to all.
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