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Hallo! Obviously, I'm new here--else I wouldn't be posting in this particular board. :clown:

So, I have been writing recreationally for a couple of years. Spent the early years of my teenage-hood in role-play chats on MSN and gaiaonline.com . I've... grown up a little since then :3
and now try to actually write something worth reading.

And that's why I'm HERE :alien: . To continue developing and growing as a... "literary specialist" o_O.

Btw, this thing :smurf: needs to be orange. 'Cause orange smurfs PWN. ^_^

Back on topic: I have limited experience giving critiques, something I hope to change. I understand that one must always give to receive, but besides that it helps to be able to spot errors in other people's work because you can THEN spot errors in yours. Er... Something like that. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not the most articulative person :p (vocabulary aside) .

I do have an account on litDOTorg, that's how I found this place. I also have a membership with deviantart.com, but that site is geared so much more toward the "visual" arts that it's almost pointless for a writer to be there. In spite of that, I do have several works posted there that I may later choose to bring here. If anyone wants to check them out, feel free. rose-amnell.deviantart.com

So, yeah, that was long-winded enough (bad habits). Yeeahhh... Glad to be here, confident I'll have fun, etc.

Okay, I'm done now. No, really!