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Let me start off by introducing myself.

My name's Vincent, but you can call me Vince if you prefer, and I recently turned seventeen. Reading and writing is something I picked up on as a hobby and really started enjoying at the age of sixteen, as opposed to my earlier years when I never bothered to pick up a book--even when it was a school assignment--or had any incentive to write. Today, I spend most of my time doing the things I thought was a hassle at an early age. Oh the irony! My friends were just as surprised as I was when I told them I wrote a paper for "fun".

Unfortunately when it comes to writing, none of my friends share the same interest and never bother to read what I present them. And like an orphan seeking a family, I've come to you all, hoping I can share my stories and participate by providing my own feedback.

I'm looking forward to learning from all of you and reading your stories. Oh, and please don't light up on the criticism. Be as harsh as you want! I promise I won't cry. Might get a little watery eyed. No, but seriously--lay it on me.

Oh yea, this is my first time joining a forum, and I'm feeling quite optimistic about it.

But enough about me! How are all of you?
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Hello Vincent,

I just subscribed to this forum and found your greeting first in line. Since it was my friend and fellow sojourner in life by the name of Vincenzo (Vincent in English, as he is in Italy), who incouraged me to seek out such a site, I might as well view the coincidence as a friendly welcome. Also, your brief bio reflects my own at 16. Now a fresh 51, some 30 plus countries and countless miles of travel later, I assure you the struggle remains the same: finding the few to truly share what churns within you. And so here we meet for that reason. Send me something to read as I will you. Iron sharpens iron, are you truly ready?

Let us begin,


"Why do I exist?"