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So I'm new around here. I'm Jen and I'm from New Jersey. That's a relatively new thing. I just moved here from Connecticut.

I have a background in journalism (I was a daily reporter for close to a decade and now I do a bunch of online things) and write non-fiction pieces. I also dabble in fiction. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month, and it's not going so well so far. *sigh*

I'm also a huge hockey (NY Rangers) and baseball (NY Mets) fan, so sometimes I get onto sports tangents. So don't mind me. . .

Lots of things to poke around and look at around here. :)


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Welcome Jen. I thought about doing the NaNoWriMo, but talked myself out of it. Good luck to you thought.


Aha, welcome to the forum!
Hope you have a good time here, can't wait to see your writting.
Enjoy your stay <3


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Hi there, Jen, and welcome to the forum. Can say that I've been in New Jersey, albeit made a stop at Newark airport... (been there a couple of times already).



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Hi there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Jen! I hope you enjoy being here, and learn some new things! :)

~ Shinn