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Greetings! (1 Viewer)


Adam Lewis

Well as it is my first post here on writingforums it seemed only fitting to begin here in the introductions section.

My writing background, ha been quite varied through out the years.
Started by writing teen poetry, progressed into song writing, both somewhat laughable when I look back at it now, but oh well it wasnt my forte and we all have to begin somewhere!
I have written a few short screenplays, 2 of which made it to production, all small indy stuff.
I have written various articles on surfing and health, Fitness and weight loss, for a website I co-author.
But after nearly a decade away from creative writting I have finally returned to my passion and am currently in the process of writting my first novel, something I had always wanted to do, but never really sat down and tried.

Well thats me to a degree

I hope to see you all around the forum soon


Adam Lewis

Thank you all for the welcome!
Have a very busy few days ahead of me but will try and login and join in with the community as often as I can.