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Hi, everyone! I'm glad to have found this place. Writing is my first love (but don't tell my husband).

I've been writing since I was seven; my grandma gave me my very first journal for my birthday that year. Since then, I've written about a thousand poems, many partial novels, and only one actually completed novel.

Right now, I have several works in progress. The one I'm mostly focused on is a beast of a novel. I have over 99,000 words and I'm only half way done. There's a lot of editing, rewriting, and cutting in my future!

See you on the forums!


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Hello there, Geektarra, and welcome to the forum. We all have a passion for writing, otherwise we wouldn't be here!



Hey geektarra, welcome to the forum, sounds like you have done some impressive works ^^. i feel like a little kid among giants, having only just started writing hehe